March 22, 2016

Fighting Cancer with your dreams

She was the guest of honour for a MACCIA event where I was invited as a panelist to speak on "Yes! I changed it as a woman entrepreneur."
As I paved my way to my seat through the densely packed audience, I saw her sitting in the front row; looking resplendent in an orange paithani, her shocking pink blouse matching the colour resting on her gorgeous highcheek bones.
"Beauty queen" said my mind as we exchanged pleasantries.

I sat on the couch adjacent to hers, my mind playing it's own play list about this lady in orange. It's funny how we create and construct a personality in our mind in just one glance.

Little did I know then, that not only was I going to be deeply moved in the next 20 minutes but also learn a very very important life lesson.

Namita Paritosh Kohok the educationist, entrepreneur, Mrs.International Worldwide Queen 2015 took the mic; shattering that frivolous image my mind had dared to construct.

Like most of us,Namita dreamt of starting something of her own,she knew it had to be in the education sector but then again,like most of us she kept procrastinating.
Maybe she was lazy or maybe,just waiting for that right moment.

A moment did arrive but along with  it, it brought the dreaded "CANCER".

After going through series of tests, distraughting diagnosis, moments of horror and pain, Namita found her magic in her first chemo cycle. Yes! you heard it right.

When the doctors told Namita that owing to her excessively weak arms her chemo would be injected through her thigh rather than arms, Namita shrieked with joy. Her hands would be free,all she needed was a laptop to reignite her dream.

The glimmer of hope stared to creep in, one morning while sitting on the hospital bed, Namita gave birth to "Young Minds Educational Consultancy."
No more procrastination, no more waiting for the opportune time, who knew if she even had time, she  began, just like that...
Chemo after Chemo, her grit and valour grew as if inspiration was being injected in her. At the end of her 11th cycle she took permission to travel to Dehradun to make her first sales pitch in a residential school.
The rest as they say is history...

As the auditorium reverberated with applause and inspiration, my head just bowed down before her powerful, cheerful and stunningly beautiful human spirit.

#Aatmanstories #happiness is contagious,let it spread...