December 15, 2015

Weaving magic with stories

Maa aaji (my mother's mother) used to weave magic in her stories. 
Every summer vacation,all of us used to fight for the coveted place,right beside her,before her bedtime story telling session unfolded.
She would bring her characters to life,
Be it the humongous Kumbhakarna with an unsatiable appetite or the soulful Shravanbaal who dutifully carried his blind parents on his shoulders.Mischivious Kanha felt like our neighbourhood kid and Hakamari,the newage Shurpanakha equivalent.
Our favorite stories would invariably be the "bhootachya gosthi"where we huddled together, switched off the lights and interrupted the story with background bhoòoot noises,there was no way we could use the bathroom without taking an accompaniment on such occasions:)

A few days back,Maa aji was visiting my mum, the girls and I went to have lunch with her.
Post lunch,the girls led Maa aji to the bed room,they drew the curtains to make the room dark,switched the fan on,pulled out nani's soft godhadis(quilts)and jumped into bed,to curl up on either side of their great grandmother."Maa aaji, please ek gostha sangtes?"

From the expressions on their faces,it looked like Maa aaji simply sprinkled some magic out of her heart.

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