February 17, 2016

What will be, will be

She is a little mad,a little divine.
She loves...not someone or something;she just loves.
She giggles like a child and in the next instant is spewing out the wisdom of sages.
A Wikipedia on the Vedas,she is deep;knowledgeable and in every fathomable way,different.
She travels,not to seek but to absorb;
different people,cultures,stories,experiences...
She may be a bit of all these stories or maybe not.
She's a vision,a staunch believer in the body is a temple philosophy.
She nourishes and nurtures like a mother.
She cooks,she writes,she sings,she designs.
And then,she weans off...
"What do you all this for,what do you seek"
I ask her
"You will be what you are,don't seek.
Like the rose bush with beautiful roses which just needs to blossom and be.Passers by will get a whiff of the fragrance.Don't seek Asmita.Just Be."

Meet Revati Malati: an artist.

Tragedy and trouble;her childhood companions.While the world around her moaned,blamed,cursed destiny,this little girl learnt very early on"What will be,will be."

She celebrates each day,each moment.She learns,she stimulates,she ignites and she translates her fire into sensory art forms.

Awed,overwhelmed and completely lost in Revati's wonderland of art and mystique.I found a very profound mesage."Life is too short to just let it pass,surround your self with a little madness,get in touch with your inner artist:)"

#‎Aatmanstories #‎happiness is contagious, let it spread...