November 04, 2017

A trip down memory lane

So Vaishnavi calls and tells me as a precursor to Aatman's upcoming Wedding showcase and to celebrate the glorious season of winter weddings, she wants me to share my most special wedding memory. The one that is tucked in the most precious compartment of my heart. I couldn’t help but break into a smile:)

“Quintessential mush post alert!!!!”

I wafted down the memory lane...the gorgeous green, handwoven nine yard paithani, Ajji’s heirloom Vajrateek and shindeshashi Tode... Me as the gushing and chuckling young bride and Aditya as the dimpled dynamite of a happy groom!

In all honesty, I may have been a wee bit nervous. I mean, come on...I was merely 22!!

She may have felt it.

Although my constant foolish grin did a fabulous job to conceal any nervous ripple, she held my hand tight to comfort me. ”Mandi var bas mazhya” (hop into my lap) You are the new baby of our family. And just like that, in the midst of all the chanting and the flurry of activity, a hopelessly young bride felt reassured and a daughter was born.

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