November 15, 2017

Father's little daughter

Whenever I am asked to select my favorite picture from my wedding album, I am at a loss!! But this picture definitely has a special place in my heart! 
No, it doesn't have the cliché shy bride or the usual romance. But this is a totally different kind of happiness!
That of my fathers’!

Ever since the wedding date was fixed, he was running around, worrying about invitations, arrangements, shopping and what not! He was so busy that I couldn’t even click a proper picture with him on my wedding evening.

And then came this moment on my wedding day.

Exhausted and sleepless but excited all the same. He beams up at the newly married us on stage! All his dreams of seeing his daughter as a bride coming true!
This picture makes me say, no matter how old, I will always be my father's little daughter! And I think there is no other pic in my album, which can compete with the amount of happiness in this photo!

- by Sreedevi Sethumadhavan