September 22, 2016

I met a Boy...

I met a boy.He was chuckling,his cute dimples sinking in,the parents on either side were jumping with joy and a Maharashtrian fairy-tale wedding was fixed.Did I forget to mention,this was the first time I was meeting the boy?

Well, for a lot of us Indians, arrange marriages work just like that...yaya,it does seem all strange and how do you know it's the right guy n all,but the fact remains that the system is and will be around forever.

So our initial dates would range from talking about our favourite movies to our regular hangouts.His fresh on-site insights to my final year engineering project.

Yes! We were hopelessly young and falling in love at flashing speed.

Dates were set,halls booked.He was their first born son and the celebrations had be to befitting.A massive eight day wedding was in the offing.
Shopping began...I had to be the prettiest bride ever, much effort was going in designing my trousseau and OMG!the jewelry had to be out of this world.

So,from dirty jeans to queen-like.I was clueless,much like “Alice in Pune-land."
A lot of people were suddenly involved in deciding "The Look" for me.

All these needless details because I was asked to write a guest post as a jewelry expert on how to choose jewelry for your big day.

The fact is I haven't been to a single wedding where the bride doesn't look outstanding and no matter what clothes and jewelry you decide to wear on your wedding, you will look only as good as you feel inside.

Coming back to my story, I decided to flow with the flow.I knew,I would wear Aaji's (my grandmothers) Vajrateek(Maharashtrian traditional neckpiece) and Shela(Handwoven gold embroidered fabric),the rest I let the tribe choose for me and revel in the shopping saga.Some sarees were pretty, some not quite,similar story about the jewelry.

I couldn't care less,I was blissful in love,excited at the thought of spending my life with someone so special.
I remember every little detail of the “Saptapadi”, the” Suryadarshan”,the “Grahapravesh” like it happened yesterday.

& did I look like a queen?
I laugh every time I see the photos but I remember I felt a warm glow within and he couldn't take his eyes off me.

So my advice for your big day,in Mahatria's words,
"Find that elusive balance between being a choice maker and a consequence receiver."

& the absolute jewelry must-have's - a string of love and a ring of happiness.

Keep it simple silly,it's you who makes the jewelry stunning.

#happinessiscontagious #letitspread