November 08, 2017

One hatke wedding story

“Let’s get married!”
“Sorry what?”
“Let’s get married!”

An impulsive start like this got converted into a serious decision of marriage!

“In London?”
“No no, in pune!”
“It’s my new job. I won’t get leave"
“Let’s go on a long weekend and get married!”
“We won’t get time for preparations!”
“Never mind! Let’s get married at home, a small party with close friends and family! What more do we want!”
“Well, one saree and one mangalsutra can be bought in two hours!”

We actually came to india for four days, got married at home and shopped for only one saree and a mangalsutra!

But the true excitement happened when the registrar didn’t turn up for the wedding! We then managed to get married twice, on the wedding day by ourselves and next day with the registrar!

We have many such exciting stories but this one is truly special! Thirteen years of married life is no different than an exciting, impulsive and hatke love story!!

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 - Story by Alpana Shirgaonkar