November 15, 2017
Whenever I am asked to select my favorite picture from my wedding album, I am at a loss!! But this picture definitely has a special place in my heart!  No, it doesn't have the cliché shy bride or the usual romance. But this is a totally different kind of happiness! That of my fathers’! Ever since the wedding date was fixed, he was running around, worrying about invitations, arrangements, shopping and what not! He was so busy that I couldn’t even click a proper picture with him on my wedding evening.
And then came this moment on my wedding day.
Exhausted and sleepless but excited all the same. He beams up at the newly married us on stage! All his dreams of seeing his daughter as a bride coming true! This picture makes me say, no matter how old, I will always be my father's little daughter! And I think there is no other pic in my album, which can compete with the amount of happiness in this photo!
- by Sreedevi Sethumadhavan
November 08, 2017
“Let’s get married!” “Sorry what?” “Let’s get married!”
An impulsive start like this got converted into a serious decision of marriage!
“In London?” “No no, in pune!” “It’s my new job. I won’t get leave" “Let’s go on a long weekend and get married!” “We won’t get time for preparations!” “Never mind! Let’s get married at home, a small party with close friends and family! What more do we want!” “Shopping?” “Well, one saree and one mangalsutra can be bought in two hours!”
We actually came to india for four days, got married at home and shopped for only one saree and a mangalsutra!
But the true excitement happened when the registrar didn’t turn up for the wedding! We then managed to get married twice, on the wedding day by ourselves and next day with the registrar!
We have many such exciting st
November 04, 2017
So Vaishnavi calls and tells me as a precursor to Aatman's upcoming Wedding showcase and to celebrate the glorious season of winter weddings, she wants me to share my most special wedding memory. The one that is tucked in the most precious compartment of my heart. I couldn’t help but break into a smile:)
“Quintessential mush post alert!!!!”
I wafted down the memory lane...the gorgeous green, handwoven nine yard paithani, Ajji’s heirloom Vajrateek and shindeshashi Tode... Me as the gushing and chuckling young bride and Aditya as the dimpled dynamite of a happy groom!
In all honesty, I may have been a wee bit nervous. I mean, come on...I was merely 22!!
She may have felt it.
Although my constant foolish grin did a fabulous job to conceal any nervous ripple, she held my hand tight to comfort me. ”Mandi var bas mazhya” (hop into my lap) You are the new baby of our family. And just like that, in the midst of all the chanting
November 02, 2017
We are starting a new campaign tomorrow to kick start the fabulous Winter Wedding season of 2017. To spread the Aatman cheer, we request you to share a special memory from your own wedding or a special wedding you have attended, with a photo and a few lines about your memory on our Facebook or Instagram pages. Don’t forget to tag 5 of your friends to continue this happiness chain. Please tag Aatman and use the hashtag #Aatmanweddings #happinessiscontagious #letitspread so we can track it.
We will be featuring all your wonderful stories on our Facebook page and our Instagram account. The most heart warming stories will be featured HERE on our website blog section and the contributor will win a 50% discount voucher for our upcoming wedding showcase - Aatman Winter Weddings to be held at our store between 17 - 19 November 2017!
So get writing, remenescing your most precious happy memories and share the joy with your Aatman tribe.
September 22, 2016
"Look for your Whys,you are just dissipating your energy on the What's"
A little broken,Manushya began her search.She dug deeper,understood further and got in touch with peace.
A tad unsure,whether the meeting lasted a fraction of second or for a considerable passage of time,she wondered whether that's how God created us,a little incomplete,with a missing bit.
With powerful belief of finding her missing bit,Manushya began her search.She crossed all hurdles,she over threw all obstacles and in a bright little corner within she found him resting,her very own missing piece,her Why.
In that brief moment of union,she felt deeply complete.
But,a magic spell was cast on the missing piece.The moment he came in the vicinity of completion,he disappeared.He went missing yet again.
The next day,a little broken,Manushya began her search,once again.This time however,she had experience as her co passenger and Faith as her guide.
September 22, 2016
I met a boy.He was chuckling,his cute dimples sinking in,the parents on either side were jumping with joy and a Maharashtrian fairy-tale wedding was fixed.Did I forget to mention,this was the first time I was meeting the boy?
September 22, 2016
Happiness could also be,upcycling an old Dharwadi Ilkal saree into a gorgeous,artsy fusion dress to celebrate the Big 60 in the family ♡
#happinessiscontagious #letitspread
March 22, 2016
She was the guest of honour for a MACCIA event where I was invited as a panelist to speak on "Yes! I changed it as a woman entrepreneur." As I paved my way to my seat through the densely packed audience, I saw her sitting in the front row; looking resplendent in an orange paithani, her shocking pink blouse matching the colour resting on her gorgeous highcheek bones. "Beauty queen" said my mind as we exchanged pleasantries. I sat on the couch adjacent to hers, my mind playing it's own play list about this lady in orange. It's funny how we create and construct a personality in our mind in just one glance. Little did I know then, that not only was I going to be deeply moved in the next 20 minutes but also learn a very very important life lesson. Namita Paritosh Kohok the educationist, entrepreneur, Mrs.International Worldwide Queen 2015 took the mic; shattering that frivolous image my mind had dared to construct. Like most of us,Namita dreamt of starting something of her own,she knew
March 16, 2016
These brave,confident and beautiful Acid Attack victims proved it to us and how!
Aatman is extremely proud and humbled to be the jewellery partner for this unique fashion show "Satva-The Inner Strength" organised by RED FM 93.5, where these powerful women walked the ramp with Marathi celebrities.
Their painful past diffused into thin air as they dazzled the stage,leaving an everlasting positive imprint in our hearts.
#‎Aatmanstories #‎happiness is contagious,let it spread...