March 12, 2016
You know you are growing and growing beautifully when, someone who was absorbed as a packaging assistant is now uploading products to the website, clicking pictures, managing customer service and honing his English with every passing day.
Dear Ketan,Wish you a very happy 22nd birthday:)Proud to have you as such an important member of the team Aatman and proud of your humongous human spirit which works on getting better every single day.
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March 05, 2016
A mundane Saturday afternoon where I had some drab land related work.The complexity of documentation,hazaar formalities and inscrutable legalities had left me feeling hopelessly stupid and completely sapped. My ctrl + alt +del moment;I needed a quick reboot. There,I saw her,resting on the bottom rung of the staircase of our Vada (old ancestral home with a central coutyard) She looked a little tired yet she possessed a certain,quiet grace.I smiled and complimented her on her saree. Touching her saree,I remarked "kiti sundar ahe tumchi sadi."(your saree is so beautiful) She looked up at me and smiled I requested for a photo and she graciously gave in.
I left her telling her how much I loved her saree She reciprocated with "Sukhi raha"(stay happy)& just like that,from the unknown,a happy little connection was made.‪
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February 17, 2016
She is a little mad,a little divine.She loves...not someone or something;she just loves.She giggles like a child and in the next instant is spewing out the wisdom of sages.A Wikipedia on the Vedas,she is deep;knowledgeable and in every fathomable way,different.She travels,not to seek but to absorb;different people,cultures,stories,experiences...She may be a bit of all these stories or maybe not.She's a vision,a staunch believer in the body is a temple philosophy.She nourishes and nurtures like a mother.She cooks,she writes,she sings,she designs.And then,she weans off..."What do you all this for,what do you seek"I ask her"You will be what you are,don't seek.Like the rose bush with beautiful roses which just needs to blossom and be.Passers by will get a whiff of the fragrance.Don't seek Asmita.Just Be."
Meet Revati Malati: an artist.
Tragedy and trouble;her childhood companions.While the world around her moaned,blamed,cursed destiny,this little girl learnt very early on"What wi
December 15, 2015
Maa aaji (my mother's mother) used to weave magic in her stories. Every summer vacation,all of us used to fight for the coveted place,right beside her,before her bedtime story telling session unfolded.She would bring her characters to life,Be it the humongous Kumbhakarna with an unsatiable appetite or the soulful Shravanbaal who dutifully carried his blind parents on his shoulders.Mischivious Kanha felt like our neighbourhood kid and Hakamari,the newage Shurpanakha equivalent. Our favorite stories would invariably be the "bhootachya gosthi"where we huddled together, switched off the lights and interrupted the story with background bhoòoot noises,there was no way we could use the bathroom without taking an accompaniment on such occasions:)
A few days back,Maa aji was visiting my mum, the girls and I went to have lunch with her.Post lunch,the girls led Maa aji to the bed room,they drew the curtains to make the room dark,switched the fan on,pulled out nani's soft godhadis