After Care

How to take care of us:

To preserve our striking good looks, please store us in ziplock pouches. We don't need any fancy velvet or leather boxes.

We are allergic to perfumes, so incase of accidental contact, just spot dry us with a cotton cloth.

We can be re-polished and made to sparkle, all at minimum costs and our makers at Aatman know the best way.

There are some rare occasions when love at first site feels like a mistake at second. In that case, please gift us to someone else, you never know, it may be special for them:)

In case of damage in transit, the responsibility is solely ours. Please take a selfie for us and send it to Aatman within 24 hrs from the time you receive your courier. You need to send the piece back to Aatman and we will repair or replace the parcel within 10 days. If you prefer we can also give you a store credit including your courier charges.

Lastly, please take jewelry trials while sitting on a bed, we can be hard to find or break (sob) if dropped on the floor.

Mostly, just shower us with love and affection, and we will make sure you are always the fairest of them all.